Little Books Publishing

Little Books Publishing is a small press based in Reykjavík, Iceland. We publish books about Iceland in English, as well as French and German translations of some of our titles.

Originally we published under the name Enska textasmiðjan, which is still the company that manages the Little Books Publishing imprint. Enska textasmiðjan is Icelandic for “The English Text Workshop” and that worked fine while most of our business involved English-language copywriting or editing for Icelandic clients. These days, though, our primary focus is on writing and publishing books for a non-Icelandic audience, so it made sense to create a publishing imprint with a title that our audience would understand.

We currently have twelve published titles, of which four are translations. You can find more information about our books here.

We do not accept submissions, but if you want to contact us with any other queries please do so here.

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