en.vedur.is – the latest weather updates
road.is – the most recent road conditions
safetravel.is – all about touring safely
vakinn.is – accreditation for the Icelandic tourism industry
heartoficeland.org – protection of the Icelandic highlands
visiticeland.com – official tourism website for Iceland
visitreykjavik.com – official tourism website for Reykjavík
campinginiceland.com – all campsites in Iceland
museumguide.is – a guide to all Icelandic museums
whatson.is – events calendar
icelandreview.com – news and reviews
restaurants.is – a listing of all restaurants
appyhour – a phone app with info about happy hour deals map.is – excellent map of Iceland
bus.is – for bus lines in Reykjavík and beyond
iheartreykjavik.net – Iceland travel blog with great info
facebook.com/AldaSigmundsdottir – ‘nuff said