Queen E puts on a Team Iceland uniform

As you may or may not know, Iceland is playing some unprecedented football in the EuroCup right around now. They tied with Portugal and Hungary in their first two games, and then beat Austria in the most recent one.

On Monday, they meet England.

In light of this, the advertising agency PIPAR/TBWA is having a bit of a good-natured sparring match with its sister agency in London. It started with this:

To which the London agency responded with this:

… And which was quickly rebuffed by the Reykjavík office:

Hehehehe. We approve. (The royal “we” of course).

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  1. Nice one! We are looking forward to Monday. If England play rubbish and Iceland win, I will be very happy as we won’t have deserved it and you will. I can’t think of a team I would rather beat England than Iceland (obviously we aren’t going to lose though!!)

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