1. EPI scaled Mt. Esja and called YT from the summit, first time this season.

2. YT lounged in the sun for three hours at the Laugardalslaug pool, first time this season.

3. Polly the cockatiel flew out into the Great Outdoors, first time ever.*

Fantastico. Brilliant sunshine, hardly any wind. At the swimming pool it was like high summer. Three hours of strong sunshine and YT is wiped this evening. Temps weren’t that high, highs of 11°C supposedly, but the sun is so strong here that if you’re sheltered from the wind it can seem a Whole Lot Warmer. And even with a sunscreen of 30 on her mug, YT actually has a tan. Daybreak 02.31; nightfall 24.25. Oh, and weatherman sez we still have one more excellent day before the close of our long [Whitsun] weekend. Sweet!

* And a damn lucky little bird she was, too. Not only did her impromptu outing coincide with the fortunate absence of all the neighbourhood cats, she also chose a day with exceptional weather. Indeed, if YT had not leapt to her rescue, she probably would have merrily poked aroung among the beak-high grass and dandelions for the rest of the afternoon.