The view at the end of my street yesterday, 6pm:

The evening was gorgeous and the sunset stunning – sadly these pictures never manage to capture the full effect. [And yes, that is the Snæfellsnes glacier in the distance, in case you’re wondering]. Later on EPI and I were walking home in the dark and the Northern Lights were at their most spectacular, darting through the sky all mystical and hypnotic, changing colours even, which is relatively unusual. Not just gold/green but with hues of purple and red – amazing. This is the best time of year to see the Northen Lights – the night has to be dark – obviously – and clear, and still, and cold. In fact, I think so many Icelanders have hot tubs in their homes primarily so they can sit outside in the winter, soaking in their pots and watching the Northern Lights.

Today’s weather was fabulous, too – got up and went for a run around 9am since I had a busy day coming on… lots of people were out walking even at that time of the morning, and every single person I met smiled and said hello – definitely not the norm for Icelanders. Must be something genetic; perhaps we’re truly in our element in the brisk, clear, cold weather like we’ve had in the last two days. We currently have a single degree Celsius and the brilliant sun came up at 08.39 and went down at 17.44.