One of the guests at the dinner party last weekend was a man from Zambia, who is married to an Icelandic woman and has lived here for about ten years. So of course he was asked the standard question that he’s likely been asked a gazillion times: How do you like Iceland? To which he remarked that one of the things he misses about Zambia is the custom of having a beer at 11 am on a Saturday morning.

YT: Yeah, you couldn’t do that in Iceland, obviously. Everybody would think you were an alcoholic.

EPI: … Yes because in Iceland if you start drinking at 11 am you’re an alcoholic, whereas if you stop drinking at 11 am, you’re normal.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Honest To God truth.

Oh, lovely thankyouverymuch. Particularly just before noon today when YT headed out for a walk around the golf course. It was the most gorgeous day I’ve experienced in ages – the midwinter sun shining brightly [albeit parallel-ly], the Nordic colour shades utterly exquisite, and not even a hint of wind. I even came upon a family of six seals hanging out on some rocks – the most I’ve ever seen at one time around here [they were probably related to this guy]. It was truly magical. It’s pitch dark by now obviously and I haven’t been out since, but it looks like there’s some wind and a considerable amount of rain at the moment. Temps are 3°C and sunrise was at 09.53 and sunset at 16.30.