As expected, old Bobby Fischer both shocked and entertained the general Icelandic populace with his anti-Semitic, anti-American rants at yesterday’s press conference. I shall not repeat what came out of his mouth because obviously the man’s got a severe personality disorder and getting all worked up about what he said is just plain silly – in the same way as getting worked up about what a five-year-old says is just plain silly. Happily, though, he’d had a shave and a haircut so at least he appeared more civilized than he had the previous day.

Today’s headline in Fréttablaðið [which incidentally is part of the same conglomerate as Channel 2 – they used to be Northern Lights Corporation but now go by the knock-em-dead Corporate Title “365 Broadcasting Media”]:


Gag me with a city block! I mean, what IS IT with the media’s obsession with this so-called “friendship”, which they seem hell-bent on twisting into some sappy plot worthy of an American soap opera! Do they really expect me to believe that old Bobby, who [with all due respect] is obviously one of the most narcissistic people ever to walk this earth, was secretly weeping happy tears at the sight of his beloved friend [who note bene he’d had very limited contact with for 30 years and pretty much only when something was seriously wrong, because Sæmi is such a good guy that he was willing to sit with the blower attached to his ear and make sympathetic noises while Bobby held forth about what an enormous victim he is], and that when at long last he saw his face [which undoubtedly he had been picturing long nights in his prison cell, superimposed upon that of his fiancée – wait, this is starting to sound rather like, um…er…] then and only then did he finally feel FREE.

[‘Scuse me while I vomit.]

One of Bobby’s liberation team suggested on the radio this morning that she hoped that people would henceforth just leave Bobby alone. And that, dear readers, is precisely what YT intends to do. Leave the whole crazy business alone.

It’s truly incredible! So mild and lovely, even if it is overcast. EPI and I took a hike around our local golf course earlier [which sits at the very end of a spit that juts out to sea, so it’s like a circular seashore walk] and the scent of the wet grass just beginning to push out of the earth was so amazing that we just stopped and sniffed like those cute little furry animals that stand up on their hind legs and sniff – forget what they’re called but anyway, that’s what I imagine we looked like – and marvelled at the fact that spring is actually here! And this evening we have to come up with some ingenious places to hide the Easter eggs. EPI’s youngest daughter is spending the night and everybody gets a chocolate egg with a little chickie on top and candy inside but before we can crack them open, we have to find them. What that has to do with the weather I do not know, but there it is. Current temps are 7°C [44.6 F] and daybreak was at 06.18, nightfall due for 20.50.