Finally got around to tearing down our Christmas tree last night. Stripped it bare and then chucked it off the balcony, which is always a kick – although the short thud from the first-floor balcony pales in comparison to the tree soaring off the fourth floor in our last place. That was practically the highlight of the season, everyone gathering around for the sight of the Christmas tree skydiving to the ground.

EPI promised to go down and drag it out onto the street for pick-up, but appears to have forgotten because on getting up this morning, what did I see? A forlorn-looking tree still lying there directly beneath our balcony. Un-dragged out onto the street. You can guess what that means. No use in pulling the weaker-sex stunt now – YT will have to do the deed, as EPI has conveniently left for work.

So now our place looks empty as a cavern. However, happily some people have not taken everything down, meaning there are still the odd lights in windows shining through the midwinter darkness. Which is a relief, because at this time of year we need all the help we can get.


The town of Ísafjördur, on the West Fjords, which has decided to raise a large igloo in the centre of town, to house events and various happenings. How brilliant is that? Doesn’t the idea of going to your basic theatre or community centre suddenly seem très passé? Personally I think this would be an excellent solution for the city of Reykjavík, which has been agonizing for decades over the construction of a new concert hall. This would solve all their problems! I mean, the concert season is only during the winter – the house could be allowed to melt come springtime and the space put to other good use in the summer. Like be let out to ice cream vendors or whatever.


This weekend saw the performance of a girlie pop-duo called Nina Sky, who AAH assures me are very famous. YT was not convinced as is remarkably out of it, being of the generation where one stares in stunned disbelief at the porno-esque, shake-yer-ass antics in music videos these days. AAH then hummed their flagship song, which YT had to concede had permeated the airwaves long enough to have been registered on the YT song-o-meter.

Closer to the YT reality was the sighting of Kate Winslet checking out Reykjavík nightlife on Saturday night. Which came as sort of a surprise, as Kate has of late come across as the as the domestic two-babies-and-a-husband-so-don’t-bother-me type. Which may account for the fact that she was here, since the rich ‘n famous appear to love this place because they are, for the most part, not bothered much.


Haven’t been out yet, but the forecast says it’s nasty and it sure looks that way. Dry, cold, windy and overcast. Temps currently –2 Celsius. Our free complementary subscription of Morgunblaðið, which was only supposed to last for a month but which has been arriving for the past three at least, may have finally run out because the paper ain’t in the mailbox. So no sunrise/sunset times today I’m afraid.