It’s an interesting experience, as interesting experiences go, to find a large chunk of your blog copied and pasted up on somebody else’s website. Me, I wasn’t sure whether I should be coyly flattered or massively annoyed. Such conflicting emotions! On the one hand, it’s nice that somebody likes your ‘intellectual property’ enough to blatantly exhibit it, and the fact that they credit you and have a link to your site is definitely the requisite redeeming factor. On the other hand, it would have been nice to have been informed of their intentions.

In any case, no harm done, and it made for good incentive to hunt down that Creative Commons logo and get that mutha up there on my sidebar. Yo.


Hardly a week passes now when somebody or other doesn’t get picked up at Keflavík airport with a ‘record amount’ of drugs carried internally. The latest unfortunate is some Hungarian who was arrested at the end of last month carrying almost a kilogram of cocaine in his, um, internal organs. This guy evidently had swallowed his shipment on the Canary Islands where he lives, then flew to Madrid, then to Paris, then to Iceland.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a trip of that length just may exceed the time it takes for a human body to expel the contents of its stomach. And whaddaya know – that is precisely what happened. Yet this guy was obviously a trouper, for he simply rinsed off the packaging and swallowed his cargo again.

Sort of puts a new spin on the expression ‘eat shit’– doesn’t it?


It’s set to remain cold and slightly windy, with a storm expected in the east this evening and tonight. Temps are currently –2 degrees. It’s now pretty clear that Morgunblaðið has stopped sending us free papers, which means that The Iceland Weather Report will have to find new ways of bringing Iceland’s sunrise/sunset times to the world. Stay tuned.