Indispensable wisdom may be gleaned from the door of the YT fridge:

Ahem. Today the weather continued to be sunny and extremely cold. Motorists travelled the bone-dry street on studded tires, tearing up the asphalt and enveloping the city in a cloud of fine dust. This creates deep grooves in the road that will cost zillions of kronur to repair and causes fine-particle pollution that lodges in the lungs and is dreadfully unhealthy. And all because the wind is minimal today, otherwise all the dust would get blown Somewhere Else, so Someone Else could have small-particle pollution in their lungs. Current temps are -2°C and those poor people up in Grímsey have closed the harbour due to ice floes. Plus have their rifles handy in case of polar bear visitations. Meanwhile, in Greenland it’s +2°C. Scary! Daybreak: 6.59, nightfall: 19.29.