Windows still a vague brownish hue. Acting as a filter – diffused light coming through. However, wind has slowed and the sun is shining and it is a beeauuutiful day! Took a lengthy walk to ‘weather myself’ as the Icelanders say and was not sorry. Oxygen tanked, ready for the remainder of the day.

Car – also known as ‘the unit’ – was the same colour as window pane. It virtually sparkled – on account of the salt that had blown from nearby sea and encrusted its unsuspecting body. Made a stop, therefore, at one of the ubiquitous washing lots adjacent to most gas stations in this country. For those of you who can’t picture it, these have parking spaces at which there are hoses with brushes attached – turn on the tap and rinse your car for free. Arrived and there was only one other car … yet within minutes the lot was full and cars were a-waiting. Anyway, next to me a delivery van parks. Man hops out, grabs brush and proceeds to rinse off his vehicle – but leaves the engine running. I was treated to lungfuls of diesel fumes while tending to the unit. Unnice.

Sometimes just I don’t get them Icelanders. They’ve got one of the most amazing natural and pristine environments in the world yet they seem less concerned than any nation on earth with keeping it that way! If I had a dime for every time I have seen bottles/newspapers dumped in the household trash! And air pollution – what air pollution? Oh, you mean that yellowy-greyish haze that hangs over the bay on still autumn days? Well, that’ll blow away with the next gust of wind, won’t it?