On waking up this morning, I looked out the window to see these adorning the sky. Sadly, the photograph hardly does them justice. The name says it all: Iridescent clouds.* One of those stunning natural phenomena, like the aurora borealis, that absolutely fills you with awe.

It’s been an exceedingly beautiful sun-filled day, with that megawatt brightness and clarity that one gets up here in the north. I do believe that one of the main reasons Icelanders are the happiest people on earth [according to various surveys] is due to the extraordinary beauty of the light we get up here. And while the winter can swallow up much of it with its darkest days, in the summer we have it around the clock in all its splendiferous glory.

Sunrise was at 9.12 and sunset is at 18.12. [Daybreak was at 8.22; nightfall will be at 19.02].

* In case you’re interested, the phenomena is very well explained here.