Heard about a study a couple of weeks ago about the effects of working under pressure for an extended period, particularly while using computers. The study was conducted at a university somewhere in Scandinavia [Denmark?] and one of the main movers and shakers was an Icelander, which is why it got extensive coverage up here. It was pretty scary stuff, for their studies had shown that using the brain to keep track of myriad information all at the same time could in fact bring on a condition similar to brain damage, resulting in early dementia.

Based on that information, I’ve decided that, this week, I’ve accelerated the deterioration of my brain by at least five years. All the minute details concerned with AAH’s confirmation coming up this weekend and my thoughts are scattered like confetti. There’s so much to think about! There’s having invitations designed and printed and sent out, and the banquet hall, and what utensils are supplied in the banquet hall, and can you heat anything up in the banquet hall [no], and getting tablecloths for all the tables, and decorations for the tables, and flowers, and flower vases, and serviettes [so glad AAH has not insisted on the ones printed with her name and the inscription ‘Welcome to my confirmation’], and the guest book, having the guest book inscribed, contacting the catering company with the final number of guests, contacting the bakery that is making the confirmation cake to finalize the size and let them know the inscription we wish to have on it, making a hairdressing appointment for AAH [and YT], getting AAH to the confirmation rehearsal, who’s going to take the photographs, what dishes and cakes are we going to make additionally, which of my friends is going to bake which cake, what shopping is needed to get ingredients for these, when to do that, when to make the extra food, when to decorate the hall, having toys and colouring books on hand for the youngest guests, and what’s everybody going to wear. And on the day: who’s going to pick up the cake from the bakery, who’s going to wait with AAH while the photos are taken after the ceremony, who’s going to run with the warm dishes next door to the National Theatre kitchen [where they’ve very generously offered the use of their oven], who’s going to be at the hall early to let in the caterers, who’s going to make the coffee, who’s… going… to… er….

… What was I saying?

I haven’t been outside yet. Too busy pulling my hair out. It looks beautiful, though, with brilliant sunshine, only when I opened the window a tad I could feel a purritee cold breeze entering. Hence I would conclude that at this particular moment we have window weather. Although the weatherman promises above-freezing temps today so who knows, we may just have balmy weather as the day progresses. Currently temps are 0° and the day started early this morning, at 05.05, whereas nightfall will be at 21.54.