I stopped at a gas station convenience store today to pick up a bouquet of flowers, as you do.

Gas Station Cashier Guy [indicating bar code on cellophane flower wrapping]: You know if you remove that tag, everyone will think you bought those at [insert name of Iceland’s main fresh flower retailer].

YT: Yeah, but I’m just taking them home. I would only be fooling myself and I don’t care.

GSCG: Ah. But if you weren’t you could do that.

YT: Yes.

GSCG: Some people are real snobs that way.

YT: […]

GSCG: So you could do that and nobody would know the difference. But anyway, these are cheaper and they last longer, too.

YT: I just thought they were nice flowers.

To our very own Arnaldur Indriðason [Iliana, are you listening?], who today won the Golden Dagger award for the best British crime novel of the year. The award is given out by the Crime Writers’ Association of Britain and Arnaldur won for his novel Silence of the Grave. Seeing as a mere 3% of novels published in the UK are novels in translation, this must be considered quite a feat. Plus it’s sure to focus attention on Icelandic literature, not to mention feed Arnaldur’s bank account. Sweet!

Oh sure. I had an insanely busy day but did manage to ascertain that the weather was a) mild b) not windy c) with no precipitation. And there was at least one sunny spell, but other than that it was cloudy. Temps at the moment are 2°C, sunrise was at 09.37 and sunset at 16.45.