I love Easter. There’s something so eminently civilized about it, such promise in the air. Plus it’s infused with springtime and the coming of summer, and as with Christmas you get all these days off but without the accompanying stress. What could be sweeter?

The [chocolate] Easter egg hunt commenced chez YT at 11 am this morning, when everyone had finally dragged themselves out of bed [oh, how I love that the kids are past the toddler age, honestly!] Here’s what the top of mine looked like:

… EPI bragged and bragged last night that he’d hid my egg so well that I’d NEVER find it. He was so annoyingly smug about it that I decided to pull out all the stops and hide his so that he’d NEVER find his, either. [Spiteful wench that I am]. Meanwhile, AAH’s egg was duly hid in the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard [that has a glass front], behind some stuff [although slightly visible from at least one angle – house rules]. RE’s egg was hid in the living room, in a corner of the window sill, behind some photo albums and with a CD stuck on top for good measure.

Whell. YT was first to find her egg, a quest that took all of five minutes. [HA-HA!] It was stuck inside a fancy-schmancy cylinder that at one time contained a bottle of EPI’s whiskey. [To be fair, EPI gave me a starting hint that it was not visible and that it was above eye level. But still – found it in the first place I looked]. AAH was next to find hers [her quest took 15 minutes or so]. RE found hers a few minutes later, while EPI searched and searched for his. And searched and searched. And was given numerous hints and then searched some more. Eventually – when the hints couldn’t really have been any more plain – he found it half-dug into the whole-wheat flour in the plastic whole-wheat flour container [tee-hee- HEE!]. Which incidentally he had already removed numerous times from the shelf but never thought to look into.

Anyway, prior to being consumed, our candy-stuffed chocolate eggs agreed to pose for a photo:

Isn’t that just the finest bunch of candy-stuffed chocolate Easter eggs you ever saw?

Stupendous! [Can you tell I’m making a concerted effort to find descriptive adjectives about the weather, which is just so lovely, day after day?]. On waking up this morning the sun was shining brightly and the whole world was all smiles. We ended up sitting at the breakfast [ok, brunch] table for hours, as EPI’s sister stopped by. We drank coffee and imbibed chocolate and talked about everything and nothing, and now I should think it’s about time for a run before we start cooking our Easter dinner, which will consist of a rack of Icelandic lamb with lots of yummy goodies. The sun is still poking out from between the clouds, current temps are 9°C and daybreak was at 6.15, night will fall at 20.53.

[Incidentally found that the clock on my laptop had skipped an hour – could it be daylight savings time has arrived in the rest of the world? We don’t observe it here, as it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to our darkness in winter or our brightness in summer!]