So, we went away for a few days. Back now.

On day six of being away we learned of the atrocities in London. Cocooned in our little summer house in arguably the best place in Iceland to make you feel coddled [more on that later] we were stunned and shocked and grieved to learn that That Which Was Long Feared had actually happened. In London. The place that I have visited at least once or twice a year over the past ten years; a place that always feels a little like home. Suddenly the world and all its madness came rushing into our little haven. Yet as more time passed and details emerged, our distress was steadily replaced by admiration for the incredible way the Londoners responded: their calm, no-nonsense, sensible way of dealing with the situation. No hysteria there. Just a ‘getting on with things’.

Those bastards wanted to create chaos, hysteria, frenzy, panic. Yet the Londoners, it would seem, are not inclined to give them what they wanted. Applause and three cheers for London and its people.

Incidentally, if you have not checked out this site, do. Hope you can decipher the dialect on this particular post. Respec!