Oh, my! Yours Truly glided through yesterday in a state of unmitigated bliss, carrying a super-sized grin on her face. All those wonderful complements rolling in! All that outpouring of goodwill, kindness and assistance! Believe me, I felt connected by a silver thread to each and every person who visited my site yesterday. THANK YOU everyone, for making my day!

What a fantastic bonus it was to get all those tips and pointers on treating my techno-challenged picture-posting condition. I have to say my head was fairly spinning with suggestions yesterday but in the end, spurned on by Jenny, I decided to go with photobucket (even if they do have a lot of annoying blinky things on their site). As promised, it was super-easy!

And so, without further ado, I give you The Picture:

Look closely. Closer. Geddit?

OK. Now here’s the story:

This picture was sent to me by EPI, my Partner in Crime (and life) on a rather dull Tuesday afternoon, two days ago. However, when EPI (at work) decided to lighten up my Tuesday (at home) by bestowing on me this little charm, he accidentally chose ‘All’ (at work) instead of ‘Alda’ (at home).


Accompanying his innocuous little dispatch was a relatively harmless message (Phew!) incorporating a lazy request for suggestions as to what we might have for dinner that evening.

Now, on noticing his mistake, EPI was jolted out of his languid state pretty quickly. In a feeble attempt at damage control he quickly fired off a second missive, explaining that his former missive had been launched by mistake and had, in fact, been intended not for mass viewing but for a private audience of one.

There Was Silence.

Then came a single response. Which read, ‘I figured. But I do have a suggestion as to what you might have for dinner.’


Haven’t been out yet, but it looks pretty threatening. Cold, that is. The Morgunblaðið website claims it’s –5 degrees Celsius (that’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit, according to this website) and we’ve got major windchill happening. YT is currently sitting at the window looking out, suffering endorphin withdrawal and seriously pondering the pros and cons of running in this weather. Warmer air heading our way, however; storm warning tonight and then we’re in for rain. Which means slush and sleet and yuck and yick! And mega-midwinter darkness and SAD if all the snow disappears.

The sun came up at 10.59 today and will set at 16.15 if all goes according to plan.