YIPEE!! They let me in!

Yours truly has been suffering from itchy finger syndrome today, blog words swishing around in the mind like liquid, desperately needing to be spilled; meanwhile those nice people at Blogspot have spent the day Keeping Me Out. Error messages galore – and now that they appear to have things up and running, they’ve presented me with a new and improved Dashboard, which is pretty decent of them really, considering.

I had a brilliant expose planned, praising the youth of this country. Was at a talent competition organized by the kids at my daughter’s school last night and what a bunch of fine, creative, energetic, well-behaved and all-round fabulous 500 kids they were! Adolescents have gotten such a bad rap – but I sure didn’t see any of that last night. Yes, they can be a pain with their Pubescent Behaviour Disorders, but they can also be sooo great!

The issue of issues these days in Icelandic society is whether Reykjavík mayor Þórólfur Árnason should resign over the oil collaboration scandal. He was a middle manager at the time and as details emerge it becomes clear that he was elbow-deep in the whole dirty business, working systematically to cheat the city he is now leading out of millions of Icelandic crowns (among other things). And yet the man persists in whitewashing his actions, flatly refusing to resign like his political associates are pressuring him to do. It was painful, seeing him on telly last night, flailing around like a fish tossed on dry land, struggling to “explain his side of the matter”. There’s nothing to explain – it’s all there in black and white. The man’s gotta do the right thing – and resign. And the rest of them need to say “sorry” at the very least.

Weather: fuming! Cold but calm this morning, turning windy with masses of rain, now breezy and somewhat mild. Temps 7 degrees. Sunrise/sunset have been and gone.