Tja. Tracking back some of those message board hits from the Kiefer fan club is quite an entertaining and enlightening experience. Never even knew boards like that existed! F’rinstance, one message refers to “information that appeared in some blog”. [Yo! People! This not ‘some blog’, ‘kay? This The Iceland Weather Report.] Another says something to the effect of, “I hope he [Kief] behaves and keeps his pants on!” [smiley]. Which brings me to a rather perplexing question that I thought since it’s the New Year and everything I’d share with y’all.

It’s like this. The part about Kief that I was loath to repeat the other day (the bit of information I had from the yellow-pulp-trash newspaper that is Iceland’s version of the National Enquirer but without the kitsch factor) was precisely this: a big-assed headline (forgive unfortunate pun) about our man Kief going to some (ok, they said gay) bar and mooning the general patronage. Now, I didn’t care to repeat this little factoid because a) it was mean and spiteful b) I tend to let such debilitating gossip not go any further ‘cause it sends poisonous vibes out into the world c) it was probably bullshit. Or so I assumed. Until I read said comment above, at which time my world-view started to rapidly crumble.

Could it be that trashy newspaper was actually telling a proper truth?

Having got over the initial shock, I started to think that, hm, perhaps mooning people really is some kind of Keifer Sutherland-ism. Perhaps the man travels the world dropping his pants, and not in the promiscuous rock-star kind of way. Or how else can one interpret those two supporting bits of information?

Sooo… should anyone have further facts on this subject above, please feel free to share them with Weather Report readers.


By early afternoon yesterday, they’d cancelled all the Big Bonfires due to weather. We were in for a serious storm they said and it wasn’t worth risking it. Yokay (shrug). And the storm arrived and indeed it was a real doozie and just like they predicted it had blown over by around ten p.m. So we were all able to have our Big Bang at midnight and it was absolute mayhem just the way we like it, and everybody hugged and kissed and danced around and had a blast. At least in my general vicinity.

Instead the bonfires were lit tonight and EPI and I headed down to our local outlet in –8 degree weather and milled around and tried to find somebody we knew. Amazingly enough, there was hardly anybody. Anybody we knew, that is. We saw lots and lots of other people, though –tourists with camcorders aloft, all standing slightly apart, staring and marvelling at the weirdness of it all. Or toasty-warm inside the big tourists buses, looking out. Or taking pix of each other with Big Fire in the background.


Has been beautiful today. We went for a walk this afternoon, down by the seashore in the west end of town so we could catch as many rays as possible before they disappeared. It was calm and the sky was clear but oh boy, was it cold! Now here are yesterday’s sunrise/sunset times since today the paper didn’t come: sunrise 11.20; sunset 15.42.

Oh, and yesterday I meant to say this, sincerely, from my heart: Thank You loyal readers for taking the time to read these (often) incoherent ramblings this past year. Peace and love.