Boy, being back to the mundaneness of daily life sure is a drag. YT rose early (9-ish, in pitch darkness) and had a leisurely brekky complete with newspaper reading. Then sat down at the computer to complete the day’s tasks, which consisted of giving my (real. proper. business.) website a little overhaul. Ah, but the weather was lovely so about an hour later I headed downtown for a spot of errand running and shopping. Back home for lunch, and then to the day’s main chore – a relaxing massage. After which I returned home and promptly crawled into bed from utter exhaustion.

If anybody ever hears me complain about being a freelancer again, please remind me of this day. Thank you.


First, we had Kief’ mooning the Icelandic populace. Then news trickles down of Jamie Kennedy’s stand-up show, which reportedly was an abomination. Unfunny, unoriginal, predictable and, in the words of the Morgunblaðið reviewer, “where did he get the idea that Icelanders speak English like East Indians?” At the end it was like he had run out of steam completely, he asked the audience what time it was and whether they hadn’t had enough, ‘cause he’d used up all his material.

Give me a break! OK, so I wasn’t there, but the source is reliable enough. And incidentally, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this sort of thing – famous people coming to Iceland and doing their thing, which turns out to be a vast disappointment.

Which leads me to wonder this: do they come to Iceland because it’s cool and they want to see all our groovy sites and figure they’ll do their thing while they’re here so they can make a few bucks’ spending money but figure they can present us with whatever crap they happen to shake out of their trouser leg? What do they take us for? Don’t they know they’re dealing with a population with a super-high level of education, in a modern republic with zero illiteracy and one of the highest living standards in the world? I ask you!

Or is it just that they don’t give a shit?


It’s either/or these days – storm or calm. People on the West Fjords are being evicted from their homes due to avalanche threat ‘cause when there’s a lot of wet snow in the mountains and then you get a whipping storm it just needs a weeee trigger and bam! off it goes, thundering down the mountain. Temps currently 1 degree Celsius. Sunrise was at 11.16; sunset at 15.50.