If anyone out there would like a piece of confirmation cake, do let me know. It’s really good: a sponge cake bottom with fresh fruit, a thick layer of raspberry mousse, then another layer of sponge cake and some really fine marzipan on top. We’ve got loads left – loads – and it’s taking up valuable shelf space in our fridge. So you’d only be doing us a favour.

There’s also quite a lot of the lemon torte left, and a bit of the French chocolate cake. Oh, and mountains of antipasti and piles of Italian bread… I think if I look at another artichoke heart and green olive I’ll throw up so if you could take some of that on your way out, please, that would be very kind. Yes, and a couple of two-litre bottles of Sprite, too. We never drink the stuff and it would just expire.

AAH has wasted no time and already invested in a new PlayStation console using a small portion of her confirmation dosh. Yay. As if it were not enough to fight her over the use of the computer [oh how did we ever make it through adolescence without msn messenger, I ask you], we’ll now have to fight over the use of the wide-screen telly as well. Joy.

Managed to capture YT’s attention slightly more than yesterday but only just because I hardly looked up from the ‘puter all day. Assignments had piled up and deadlines loom large. Suffice it to say that when I went out for my run it was perfect running weather – overcast and somewhat damp but the air so fresh and clean and also it was nice and mild, temps around 10 degrees. Then later when I went to the store to get some food for dinner [ugh! after the last few days the whole concept of food preparation makes me wilt instantly] it was raining like gangbusters and the wind was blowing pretty hard so I came home with my hair all stuck to me face and me new shoes all drenched [boo]. Currently we have 8 degrees Celsius and daybreak was at 4.48 am, nightfall at 22.09.