It’s happening with ridiculous frequency: “There has been a breakdown in the Farice sub-sea cable off the coast of Scotland. Repairs will be underway for the next few hours. In the meantime all online traffic is being directed through the Cantat3 cable. Users should expect disruptions to service…” etc.etc.

The Farice cable is one of two sub-oceanic cables connecting Iceland to the outside world. [Talking about online traffic here, obviously. The only traffic that truly matters.] It breaks down literally once every couple of weeks. And always off the coast of Scotland. Surely you would think they’d have solved the problem by now, once and for all. Really. People. Can you please do it properly for once!

What this in practice means is that during the malfunction ouuurrrr Iiinnnntteernnnettt cconnnnecctiion iizzz rrreeeaallyy sllloowwww. To the point where you sit and sit and sit waiting for your page to load, and eventually throw up your hands in resignation: OH WHY BOTHER! For instance, it has taken me three hours to be able to access Blogger. And who knows if these immortal words will ever get published. Humph, I tell you. Humph!

Which means the Christmas season has officially started chez YT. Boy, I do love going to IKEA pre-Christmas because they have the most amazingly fun Christmas stuff that you can snap up for a song. Like this, for instance – a bargoon at ISK 490. And wrapping paper and all sorts of ribbons and stars and things with which to decorate prezzies. And lest you think my diving headlong into the X-mas season so early is a bit frivolous, think again: in a month’s time I guarantee all the best stuff will be long sold out in IKEA. So YT is in fact being exceedingly practical.

Ach, silly me! Here I thought I would upload a picture of the cute little Yule lantern I bought at IKEA today [bear with me as I mention IKEA a few more times so I can send them a bill for product placement] but nooooo, the Farice sub-sea cable is clearly still having its malfunction, so you shall have to do without.

Yes, well it was an exceedingly gloomy day on the weather front, in keeping with the Farice malfunction. First it was just overcast and Very Gray, then it started to rain. I doubt the light in this city went up to the level you need to successfully stave off SAD today. Which is why I’m going to bed now, at 10pm. The whole day was a bit of a malfunction [well, except for the IKEA trip] – even our dinner of rotisserie chicken bought from rip-off Nóatún was all slimy and icky. Yup, time to hit the hay. Sunrise at 09.30 and sunset at 16.52. Adieu.