Yesterday morning in Portugal we were lying by the pool in immaculate 30°C weather. Later that day we arrived in Iceland to blustery rain and temps of 8°C. Somehow the bare feet and sandals worn on the trip seemed rather misplaced!

EPI came and picked us up at the airport. Incidentally, have I ever told you what a superexcellent boyfriend EPI is? See, I know a lot of boyfriends/husbands/partners who if their other half were set to go on a fab vacation without them would grumble and sulk and resent and generally be asses about it. Not EPI. Aside from the fact that he doesn’t mind having the place to himself for a few days [so he can turn the living room into a recording studio and muck about on the guitar at will, inviting his pals over for a jam session without the meddlesome interference of YT] he enthusiastically takes part in the anticipation, preparation etc. and is genuinely pleased for me. He then gets up at 6 am to drive AAH and me to the airport [45 minutes each way], sends me at least a couple of text messages a day saying nice things like he hopes I’m having a wonderful time and he misses me, then upon my return makes the trip to the airport again to pick AAH and I up. Then when I get home I find that he has the place all spic-and-span [tidied, floors mopped, dusting done, etc.], has bought red roses, stocked the fridge full of my favourite food, and subsequently proceeds to whip up a succulent salmon dish as only he can.

He’s not perfect. But sometimes he comes pretty damn close.

Still blustery with rain. Apparently it’s been sunny the entire time I was away and, you may recall, it was sunny for quite a bit before that. So now we have rain, the vegetation is loving it, and the Fréttablaðið weather reporter quips, ‘Summer is here at last!’ After all, the lush green of this island rock in summer is entirely dependent on the big watering can in the sky. Current temps are 11°C [51.8°F] and now YT must go unpack. Expect some fall-out from Portugal in coming days!