A few days ago, Nancy tagged me with a meme. And threw me for a loop because I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to memes [as regular readers may recall]. Of course I couldn’t pretend not to have seen it because that would just be stupid. And having acknowledged to Nancy that I had seen it, I couldn’t very well just not do it. And anyway, I didn’t quite know why I was being so squeamish. After all, I’d been tagged before [by Jamie] and despite my misgivings I’d gone ahead and done it, and in the end there had been this fun response and I made at least one great new blogfriend, the exceptionally talented Rozanne.

So last night I sat down and started filling out the damn meme. And before I was at the fourth question I felt like I was drowning in self-absorption and banality. I mean, who out there could possibly give a rat’s ass about what I was doing ten years ago? Or five years ago? Or yesterday? [Trying to post the damn meme, if you must know.] Or what five snacks I like best [dried fish with butter if you must…] or what I would never wear or what I would do with a million dollars or what gives me the most joy.

BUT I didn’t want to be a sourpuss or a killjoy or a spoilsport and I certainly didn’t want to make Nancy feel bad, so I went ahead and filled it out. And then – waddayaknow – when I tried to post it… it came out all scrambled! The formatting was all over the place, some parts huge, others tiny, and quite frankly it looked like a meme that had been stuffed into the mouth of a greedy giant, chewed up real good, and then spat back out again.

Of course I took it as a sign that I should scrap it. And so I did. [Sorry, Nancy.] And instead I thought I would leave you with this picture, taken at the seashore today when I looked up from my never-ending assignments to imbibe some oxygen:

[It’s a stranded jellyfish. One of dozens out there today.]

Gorgeous today. Slight wind, mild [highs of around 12°C] with intermittent sun and a haze over the seashore. The smell of the ocean was so heady, it was amazingly rejuvinating. Daybreak today was at 05.30 and nightfall at 21.20.