Back from a power suit day. Yowsa! The whole damn day wearing one of those muthas. This ends the session that began with my previous power suit day and involves training in the Corporate World and I am happy to report that I’ve now passed GO and can collect many many monies and won’t have to do it again for a Very Long Time. [I know I know, last week I publicly stated that I would nevereverever do it again, but now it’s over and the paycheck looms large a certain negotiation has involuntarily been set in motion in the YT subconscious and who knows, the Yay’s may just have it.]

In any case YT has emerged through the ordeal like a spat-out dog’s hide [to give you the direct literal translation of a rather fun Icelandic phrase, that is if you don’t mind the imagery] and am sitting here drained and cross-eyed and my fingers are typing but why do I have to correct every second word? Why is it there is no coordination between brain and fingers? Why is my mind like a sieve? Why is the Damn Stupid Pop Music blaring in the kitchen driving me up the frigging wall?

I need some fresh air. [Or maybe a drink. Or both.]

Just kind of… there. Like YT. Just kind of showed up and is hanging around but not being of much use to anyone. Overcast, drizzly, grey, uninspired, bleh. Temps currently 3°C – oh and happy news I now see on the mbl website! The ozone layer over Iceland has thinned in the past few weeks according to NASA! Oh and those gorgeous clouds – these ones – are really nothing but symptoms of our cancer-inducing lack of ozone! Shit!

The deadly sun came up at 8.31 and set at 18.47.