Yes, old Robert has managed to charm his way into my heart again, following that disastrous viewing of The Song Remains the Same a few weeks ago. And how? By appearing on Icelandic telly last night and actually poking fun of the old days when he appeared on stage with jeans so tight that his tools were all pronounced.

In other words, through his ironic, self-depreciating British humour – not to mention owning up to the fact that he acted like a twat – he’s sealed his redemption in the YT Hall of Fame.

He looks like an old geezer now, but a well-lived old geezer, a geezer with character. As far removed from, say, Cliff Richard geezerdom as you could possibly get. And for that he scores big points, because nothing is more of a turnoff than old geezers pretending to be young.

Which brings me to today’s Big Question: should I go to the concert tonight, or no? EPI’s going. But then again, EPI’s into RP’s new stuff. I’m not, particularly – I’d pay double if I knew he was gonna play the old Led Zep favourites [like all of Led Zep IV] but judging by last night’s interview this does not seem likely. Another big consideration is that tickets in seats are all sold out so I’d have to stand, and being somewhat challenged in the height department [somewhat] I always wind up looking at the head of the person in front of me or, alternatively, with a stiff neck from looking up at the video screen. Plus standing for three hours or so [counting warm-up band] is not something I’m terribly keen on, ‘cause I know me back will be aching tomorrow.

[It doesn’t much sound like I’m going to go, does it?]

The sun just came out, as it should since it’s summer now. I’ve finished almost all my assignments [just the proofs to be read for a mag I’ve been copy editing] and am going to head out for a run along the seashore. Possibly I’ll spot the local family of seals, who are likely to be lying on top of the offshore crags and basking in the sun by now. Current temps are 6°C [42.8 F] and daybreak was at 04.31, nightfall will be at 22.24.