Today YT got the deja vu taste of what it’s like to be a nine-to-fiver in an Icelandic winter. Spent the day reading proofs and editing copy for my friends up at Iceland Review, which meant that I left the house in the dark and arrived home – you guessed it – in the dark!


Still had to have my run, though, having suffered from endorphine withdrawal all day long. ‘Tis not for the faint of heart, yet YT was not daunted by the prospect of running along the seashore in pitch blackness, struggling against freezing winds that plummeted temps to –15 or close, next to boulders covered in a layer of ice, the ground like a thin sheet of glass. Although the thought did occasionally occur as to whether I should have myself committed. To an endorphine-junkie recovery program.


Do Christmas-book-flood reviewers ever sleep? I ask you. There’s a funny-looking short guy, f’rinstance, who these days turns up every three days or so after the 7 o’clock news on Icelandic telly, with three-to-four massive tomes that he proceeds to yadayadayada about in a monotone voice, clicking out with a star rating. How is this humanly possible? I don’t know ‘bout you, but YT has trouble getting through a single novel every couple of months – even if I really really like it (and if I don’t really really like it, well, best not ask.) But then YT is not a book reviewer. Which is an excellent thing, because I do like sleep. Especially in Icelandic winter darkness.


No point reporting today’s weather (it’s evening already), so here is tomorrow’s: set to get warmer, with rain and temps around 5 degrees Celsius. Time to get the Wellies out as slush will be knee-high. Sunrise (today) was at 10.20; sunset at 16.07.