Happy to announce that I’ve bounced back from my people-weary state thanks to a good night’s sleep and a long leisurely breakfast with the family. Phew! People-weary is not a good way to travel through life. Being one of those SAD* things.

EPI and I cosied up in our little hobbit-hole last night with our combined brood of four. Daughters. Who are very busy young ladies so a rarity for all of us to be assembled in the same general location at the same time for any longer than it takes to eat a dinner or so. Watched The Big Lebowski on Icelandic telly and loud-guffawed all the way through it. The Dude is arguably the greatest film character of all time – definitely the greatest film slacker of all time. F***in’ A man!! Am I wrong?? Am I wrong??


It’s a-blowin’ pruddy hard out thur now. Almost too hard for YT to venture out for a run. Plus it’s cold. However, the alternatives are not attractive: 1. Wait until tomorrow, when it’s set to be even worse, 2. Venture into one of those awful fitness centers and run on a treadmill breathing clammy air and pretending you don’t notice any of the other sweaty people all around you. Official weather: strong winds from the west, temps around 2 degrees. Sunrise was at 9.54; sunset scheduled for 16.29.


Only three more days to the first anniversary of When Polly Became a Girl. Stay tuned!

* Seasonal Affective Disorder. The greatest acronym of all time!