EPI, being privy to my recent rediscovery of and super enthusiasm for Led Zeppelin – not to mention being a superexcellent boyfriend – went out last weekend and borrowed the DVD of The Song Remains the Same from one of his pals. Hoping of course to thrill and delight YT with concert footage of the Zep in action. He even set it up so that, as soon as YT arrived couchside, Stairway to Heaven began to play.

I really wish he hadn’t done that.

Rarely – if ever – in the history of rock ‘n roll music has any icon fallen so far, so fast. YT sat and stared in stunned disbelief as Robert Plant tossed his hair around, making the stupidest and most effeminate hand gestures ever conceived, thrusting his hips and strutting his stuff like Sex God Supreme wearing these icky-yucky-tight-tight jeans that left nothing at all to the imagination and were no doubt supposed to get the general female population all hot and panting but which just came across as hardcore sleaze. Then he turned and left the stage and his bum was all saggy but what really did it was when, in one clip, he actually opened his mouth to speak and he sounded exactly like a girl. A girl, I tell you! A girl whacked out on illicit substances. What a turn-off!!

So now YT is trying hard to forget. And has decided to give the Robert Plant concert a miss next month.

YT is nothing if not fair. And having ranted about the Enrico’s fiasco must now tell you about some fabulous food imbibed yesterday at a place called La Primavera, which is one of those fusion places of which I recently spake in a post, with Icelandic-Italian coming together in an ever-so excellent fashion. [It’s modelled along the lines of the River Café (where Jamie Oliver started out) and they have, in fact, had guest chefs from there on occasion]. AAH and I were ‘doing lunch’ to celebrate her getting good grades and we both decided to go for the three-course fixed-price lunch menu.

For starters I had bruschetta with salt cod and almond aioli, served with arugula salad – so yummy! AAH went for prosciutto with arugula but she didn’t care for hers, only because she’s a kid and was making the discovery that she doesn’t like prosciutto. The main course was grilled halibut with capers and boy, was it fabulous! It was done to absolute perfection – the fish totally succulent and probably caught that very morning. AAH went for tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and, alas, discovered she doesn’t much like wild mushrooms either, but did a fairly heroic job of polishing it off nonetheless. For dessert: Chocolate mousse with strawberries and a vanilla sauce. With this came gorgeous Italian bread (two types) and bread sticks, with an oil and vinaigrette dip.

So if you’re coming to Iceland and want an excellent lunch, go there. The atmosphere is super airy and light and at ISK 2,200 [USD 37 / GBP 19] for the three courses the price really cannot be beat – especially here in Iceland. But it shoots up at dinnertime – so beware! [And no, they’re not paying me to write this (unfortunately), I merely have the interests of the general tourist population at heart, especially those for whom I have ruined the wonderful Icelandic swimming experience.]

A bit colder than in recent days, and overcast. But there’s hardly any wind, which is a plus. Have just been for a power walk around the golf course [basically because I needed oxygen but wasn’t really in the mood for walking so I wanted to get it over with fast] and the duck pond [which also happens to be there, although there are rarely any ducks, probably been hit by golf balls too many times] had not a ripple on it. Current temps are 5°C and daybreak was at 6.03, nightfall: 21.03.