Bizzy day today. Wrote nasty threatening email to inane modelling agency who have been jerking AAH around for a full year now; read some proofs; walked circle around golf course with weights strapped to my ankles; took The Unit in to have exhaust system replaced [was attracting a little too much attention on the streets]; went here to finish up copy editing job; meeting; here for a solo dinner [EPI working late, AAH insisted on having Subway sandwich]; made an impromptu trip to Kringlan Mall to buy AAH’s Christmas present [took me a full 10 minutes, yeah baby!]; met a friend I haven’t seen for ages so went for wonderfully spontaneous tea and chin-wag.

Homecoming: a little after 10 pm.

Þvörusleikir. [Children! Can I hear you say that, all together now?] Known in godawful English translation as Pot Scraper Licker. [Who on earth would name their child that? – Oh right, Grýla.] This old lad was extremely tall and skinny and kept an eye out for when the cook left the kitchen, at which point he darted in, seized the wooden spoon [i.e. the Pot Scraper] and licked the hell out of it.

Whatever turns yer crank.

It’s turned cold like it was s’posed to and also windy so all round nasty, really. Plus it’s dry so we have Return of the Small Particle Pollution. The elderly and very young are advised not to walk alongside major traffic arteries. Can you believe it? In pristine old Iceland! Shocking. Temps at the moment are at the freezing mark [0°C]. Sunrise was at 11.16 and sunset due for 15.30.