Is there any feeling scarier than sitting behind the wheel of a car and suddenly feeling you’ve lost control? [OK, I’m sure there are, but that has to be one of the worst]. That’s just what happened this morning when I was driving AAH to work at the bakery [for the very last time WE HOPE]. It was just before 8am, everything was dark, and despite the mild weather we’ve been having there was a clear sheet of ice on the asphalt, like glass. And YT of course, having held off on the studded winter tires, was coming up to a roundabout when wheeeeeee – off we went, fishtailing along on the ice, coming precariously close to the big boulders in the middle of the roundabout before I was able to regain control.

Thank God there was nobody else on the road at that time of the morning. And the studded winter tires are going on tomorrow morning. Warm spell or no.

Sometimes I am so IN AWE of the cultural events being staged in this tiny little nation – things of the most amazing caliber, totally on par with what you might see in the great capitals of this world. Such was the production we saw yesterday. Mind you, two of the soloists were from abroad; the other two were Icelandic. Members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra performed the music, and the choir was the Motet Choir of Hallgrímskirkja.

I guess it proves that size doesn’t matter. Boldness and faith in your own abilities do.

A mild 4°C. Went to the movies this evening [filmfest, donchaknow] and it rained while we were in the cinema so the air was amazingly clean and fresh when we came out. The snow from the other day is all but gone now – good in one sense, while OTOH it makes the winter darkness seem really dark. At least the snow offers some respite by virtue of being white. But is a pain in the butt in other ways. Can’t have everything. Shrug. Sunrise 09.27 and sunset 16.55.