Excellent advice, everybody – thank you! I think I’ve come up with a couple of good ideas for my ‘headache’ conundrum, as well…

There’s nothing like a good rant to get the blood rushing to the head. And today, the recipient of my rant shall be… Haloscan.

Stupid old Haloscan. They persist in royally screwing things up. Lately I’ve found myself repeatedly pissed off by the fact that the lovely comments posted to my blog a) don’t show up on the page below the post, b) don’t come through the email notification system.

Now, if I wasn’t paying stupid old Haloscan for the services they purport to carry out I wouldn’t be so supremely irritated. And in addition to the comment insult, there’s another injury: I have posted questions, not once, not twice, but three times to their website. As a “premium member” [yeah, right!] I’m supposed to be entitled to “premium help” – but have I received as much as one lousy answer to my questions? No! Instead I get an email with some baloney saying I’m supposed to reply to this email so stupid old Haloscan can cut down on their spam, blablabla. And being a good, decent human being who likes to have good, decent relations with others, I do. But have they, in return, seen fit to respond to my queries? No!

So if you’re thinking of switching to Haloscan, and thinking of signing up for their “premium members’ service”, don’t believe them when they say you’ll have access to “premium help” because they’re full of baloney.

This site is God’s gift to the blogweary. I mean, ready-made blog posts! How infinitely brilliant is that? It is also much quicker and easier than the having-a-good-rant/bashing-Haloscan strategy, but the downside is that it may wind up being just slightly out of context. So in future, dear readers, if you happen to find me blogging about my stupid nephew Archibald, or my unpredictable old grandma Natalie, you’d be right to be suspicious. To be very suspicious.

Kim, who is also in a blogfunk but nonetheless manages to find the most hilarious things on the Internet, today has a link that invites you to rate the gayness of your website. [That’s right! How ‘gay’ is your website?]

To my great surprise I found that The Iceland Weather Report rates 1/10 on the gay-o-meter. Which means that the Weather Report is ‘Hetero’. Who knew?

It was a bit chilly this morning with frosty stuff on the ground, but the sun came out and coloured everything marvellous. Went out for a long walk and it was amazing – I wandered around the golf course and even perched on a rock for a few minutes to watch the bottle-green waves crashing in. But then the sun disappeared, and as always when the sun disappears in this country it went suddenly cold. Temps are currently 5°C and daybreak was at 03.41, nightfall set for 23.12.