EPI and I went out for a nature walk last night, it being the summer solstice and all. Encountered lots of tourists with huge cameras out by the lighthouse, taking pictures of the sun setting behind the clouds. YT wielded her little handy-sized digi-cam and managed to procure these pics, taken at midnight:

This is facing east [incidentally, that rather stately house with the black roof was the home of the first physician in Iceland and is now a museum with lots of gruesome old medical instruments and body parts in bottles, shudder] …

… and this is facing north.

It was a beautiful evening, very serene.

Today’s weather was beautiful too: started off rather cool but with hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun shone brilliantly all day long and by late afternoon I was by the poolside, soaking up the rays. This greenhouse effect business sure is fantastic. [Ahem]. Current temps are 14°C and the sun came up at 02.55, will go down again at 24.05.