First of all, today is my birthday. To those of you who have already jumped the gun – thank you my lovelies, it’s always great to get birthday wishes, on any day of the year. But today is the official one.

Secondly, what I would love love love today, is if all you lurkers out there would de-lurk just long enough to say hi. Really. That would be smashin’. [You don’t even have to give your name – although it would be nicer if you did – and you most certainly don’t have to have a blog to do it.]

You might also want to jump on over to Colin’s to wish him the same thing. Doomed forever to celebrate in the shadow of the Baby Jesus’s birth [although that’s probably more my projection than his] you can tell him Alda Kalda sent you.

Third, today we have ketkrókur – Meat Hooker. [Put that one in yer pipe and smoke it!] This guy was not of the streetwalking variety, but rather travelled around with a hook that he used to grab bits of meat for his culinary pleasure.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and partake of a rather excellent brunch prepared by my very own EPI. Peace and joy!