Friday again! How did that happen? I guess this is what transpires when you barely look up from the computer screen for days on end… that’s right, after a fairly lax July [in which all of Iceland practically shuts down – well, except if you work in tourism] YT has well and truly been hurled into the fray once more, with assignments a go-go and deadlines coming at her like speeding bullets. Hence I have just managed to a) post b) run; after all, a girl must feed her addictions. On the other hand this has severely limited my capacity for visiting other blogs and depositing pearls of wisdom into comment boxes worldwide. Hope to have more time soon – although what with the joyous news in late July that I owe a whole bunch of crowns in back taxes, assignments raining down upon my head is most definitely a Good Thing and I shall not grumble.

Meanwhile, the weather has decided to mock my situation by being extremely lovely – just when I am forced to confine my butt inside these four walls. Sunny skies at the moment, light breeze, temps currently 12°C and daybreak was at 03.27, nightfall will be at 23.36.