Pity poor old Quentin Tarantino. Every time he sets foot on Icelandic soil he gets bombarded with stuff. Everyone wants him to have a sample of their little product to take home: Icelandic movies on DVD, Icelandic music on DVD, Dead clothes, 66°N clothes… and as reported in today’s Fréttablaðið, the latest sample is a special watch from the JS brand that some watchmaker insisted on giving him… it’s not really an Icelandic product, but it was assembled in Iceland. Quint got watch number 35. His friend Eli Roth [who made a supergross film named Cabin Fever that supposedly was inspired by his stay on a farm near Selfoss, and then topped himself by making a super-super gross film called Hostel, that old Quint produced, and that kicked off this whole let’s-go-Iceland-and-get-fawned-upon-by-the-natives thing] got watch number 34.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, and I have nothing against celebrities in my backyard or anything, but isn’t this just a tad demeaning? So here’s an idea: If old Quint comes back many more times like he’s threatening to do, let’s spare him all the stuff, shall we? After all, it’s probably a colossal pain for him to have to lug it all back home, and he’s probably just too nice to say. And for all you know he might just be flushing it down the toilet in his hotel room before he leaves, or giving it to the maid on duty. And anyway, even if he says he’s going to go and wear it around Hollywood town and make you all famous, how do you know he really will?

[… And in the interests of no-more-fawning, this is the last you shall hear from me on the subject of old Quentin Tarantino. Unless he comes back and scandalizes really bad, in which case I shall be forced to tell you about it.]

They’ve been arriving on a conveyor belt over the last few days – we get one day of calm, then a storm, then a day of calm, then a storm… today we had strong winds and loads of rain and it was so unbelievably dark, ugh! I doubt daylight levels went above normal twilight today. My friend G. went off to the Canary Islands yesterday for a week in the sun and I am so jealous! What I wouldn’t do for a full day of sunshine and some heat right now… throw in a beach and waves warm enough to bathe in and we would have Utopia. Meanwhile, we do have balmy up here – temps are 8°C at the moment and the sun came up at 11.16 and went down at 15.50.