Still crouched in the corner. This is so very rudimentary and charming, like the being-online version of the Russian chandelier*. Nothing like a little return to basics to break up the complacency and make one appreciate one’s creature comforts.

Started by taking apart the refrigerator for a little Sunday fun. It was broken – yup, exactly 40 days after its 3-year warranty ran out, it broke down. Some thermostat that regulates the electronic cooling device or whatever. So I ring up the repair guy and he says, “You want a man or you gonna do it yourself?” Stifling the impulse to make a very silly and inappropriate wisecrack, I replied, “Hmmm, do it myself, you say? What a novel idea!”

Yeah, well. It seemed that way at the time. Because when EPI and I tried it, we failed. Not through any fault of ours, mind, but only because a bit that was supposed to pull out really easy turned out to be firmly fixed to the inside guts of the fridge. On to Plan B – which was executed today. For a while there was some serious nail-chewing anxiety kitchenside as it looked like the freezer had somehow been destroyed in the process – but, relief! following a short period of convalescence the whole ensemble was up and humming again. Who’d have known that in the refrigeration-repair department EPI and I kick butt?!

Incidentally, the CEO of Olís (BP) has heeded my advice and apologized to the Icelandic nation (although he couldn’t resist adding the requisite BUT…we don’t agree with everything in the report blabla). There are three more left to step forward: any volunteers? Can we have a show of hands, please?

Weather still mild, overcast, currently 6 degrees Celsius. No wind. Sunrise was at 9.32; sunset 16.50.

* A single bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.