Vegged out on the sofa last night watching The Golden Globes, a.k.a. The Award Show Where Everybody Gets Sloshed And Gets Lost On Their Way To The Stage. Channel 2 kindly delivered the abridged version of the full version from the night before so we were spared maudlin acceptance speeches from all those people who win the unimportant awards. You know. The people who aren’t stars and have to rent clothes to wear.

Be that as it may, I was exceedingly dismayed to discover that my favourite TV show [well along with ER, which at the moment is in a bit of a rut IMHO and The Sopranos, which infuriatingly is on an extended hiatus and thus not able to instruct feeble mortals like YT on how to take care of problems quickly and efficiently] received not so much as a single piddly nomination. I am only speaking of one of the most superexcellent shows ever to hit the airwaves: Six Feet Under.

As those of you who have been reading A Very Long Time may recall, YT and EPI decided to blow off Channel 2 awhile back because they raised their subscription prices and we never watched anything on there anyway. This was when the previous season of SFU had finished and the new one had not yet begun. I white-knuckled it through the start of the current season, and then in December decided to indulge AAH by subscribing ‘just for Christmas’ [because according to her, there was just no damn Christmas without Channel 2]. And obviously was secretly glad because I could watch SFU again.

Long story short, I was promptly hooked. And just as the subscription was running out a Terrible Thing happened. One of the main characters DIED. Shockingly. Without warning. Bam! There was no question: an extension on the Channel 2 subscription was vital.

Man, that show is amazing. At the best of times, watching all the characters muddle through their own personal dramas and try to make sense of their lives is utterly entertaining. Watching them unravel and disintegrate into their own private grief since that sudden death of the person they loved [can you tell I’m trying not to give anything away in case someone has yet to watch this?] is absolutely riveting. Psychologically it is flawless. The characterization is phenomenal, the acting superb, the script fabulous. And perhaps most remarkably it is based around a subject that in our Western society is essentially taboo – the subject of death.

So why wasn’t it nominated for a single award? I cannot begin to imagine why. Am inclined to believe that there’s a perfectly plausible explanation, like that the season we’re getting now is old and there was no new season last year, or something. Because surely the Hollywood Foreign Press has more savvy than to pass over television material of this calibre without a good reason. Right?

And are now above the freezing mark, meaning we have slush beginning to form. Lots of it. As yet it’s not too bad, but come tomorrow I fear we’ll be wading it up to our kneecaps. And the worst thing is, we’re back to freezing for Friday, meaning that we’ll have lots of slip-sliders. And a packed ER at the National Hospital. And an extremely cranky YT, desperately in need of a run. Currently 3°C; sunrise at 10.47 and sunset 16.30.