Loyal readers of this space may recall that a couple of posts back I made mention of a dead swan that EPI and I happened to find while on our customary stroll around the golf course. Now, lest you think The Iceland Weather Report is merely another useless blog with empty words and nothing to say – think again!


As it happens, the Head Producer at the National Theatre of Iceland (a.k.a. YT’s father – purely incidental) read the blog about the dead swan and was instantly struck by a lightning flash of inspiration (metaphorically, y’understand).

‘By Jove!’ he cried. ‘This is just the swan we have been searching for! Lying dead on the periphery of a golf course, awaiting the arrival of The Iceland Weather Report to pass on the news of its oh-so opportune demise. And consequently all our confounding worries are removed, such as where to find a swan for our play! Providence has moved our way – the play will go on!’

Well, I think he cried something similar. Maybe.

Ok, so he didn’t cry. Instead he sent a very excited email asking whether I thought I could find that swan again. Turns out the theatre is fresh out of dead swan props and is currently desperately in need of one for a particular play. And they had been in a bit of a conundrum about it, swans being a protected species an’ all. Meaning that if you want to go out and shoot one it’s a Big Deal involving acres and acres of red tape, committee deliberation, and so on and so forth. Which is a Good Thing. A Very Good Thing. Because after all, swans are gorgeous creatures and should be permitted to live.

I digress.

Come Monday morning, things at the National Theatre were moving very fast, lest somebody else had the same idea – stealing away with a dead swan. Authorities were contacted, YT was consulted and finally the City’s Pest Control Officer rang up to obtain precise directions to the specific spot where EPI and YT had quite innocuously happened upon the swan in question. A couple of hours passed, and then YT’s cell phone rang. Head Producer, a.k.a. Father, was on the line.

“The swan is in the house”.

Need I say more?

The Iceland Weather Report. Always Informative. Always Alert.


We’re in the middle of a raging storm. A very wet one. Gale-force winds and sheets of rain pummelling the earth. Temps around 2 degrees. Sunrise was at 11.02; sunset at 15.36.