I’ve managed to figure out the blogroll thing – yay! Have one foot in the club already. Who’d have ever thought that YT would turn into a Blog Geek?

Very short post now – too much information to process.


Our girl Björk and our girl Emiliana Torrini both nominated for Grammy Awards (Emiliana for Kylie Minogue’s Slow). Not a bad average for a country with population of a mere 290,000 now, is it? Hm? (brag brag)


Erratic and crazy, a veritable weather smorgasbord. Storm with torrential rain gives way to clear skies gives way to hail gives way to gale force winds gives way to torrential rain gives way to calm gives way to rain. And to top it all off there was thunder and lightning, or so RE (daughter of EPI, aged 15) tells me. And what is really weird is this: before it happened, she had bet her friend a million crowns (kronas) that there would be thunder and lightning today. And what makes this really really weird is that thunder and lightning happens in Iceland, like, once every two years. And on this I’m not exaggerating.

Hope the friend has started saving them crowns!

Sunrise: 11.04; sunset 15.35.