Ugh! Feeling really sluggish and icky and under the proverbial weather. AAH was sick for the last three days and obviously I’ve caught what she had. Hoping it doesn’t manage to wrestle me down into bed – I don’t have the patience to be sick. Especially right now.

My bleh! feeling was compounded by getting sucked into the Kringlan Mall earlier this evening. How is it that I never manage to just ‘pop into’ shopping malls? For milk, say, or ‘cosmetics’? Instead I have this tendency to lose my bearings and revolve around and around like something on a carousel before being spat out through some exit, frayed and worn. Ostensibly our purpose was to go to The Body Shop because AAH needed ‘cosmetics’ for the dance she’s going to tomorrow evening [the girl has such an active social life, one wonders how she ever has time for anything remotely mundane, like school or homework or cleaning her room]. This soon morphed into a hunt for clothes for her to wear to her upcoming confirmation [oh the Dreaded Confirmation – expect a long, drawn out, excruciating post on the subject sometime soon, it being one of those huge Icelandic events that exerts a megaton of pressure to conform, particularly on those who have not been fully indoctrinated by this society, as is the case with YT, but-I-digress] and ended with AAH buying nothing but YT buying a new blazer [well, it was on sale. And may be worn to said confirmation]. And then dragging my butt home, completely wiped by the nasty viral presence in the general corpus, and now I’m sitting here typing with no idea whether I’m making Any Damn Sense but it doesn’t matter, I have an excuse, I’m coming down with a cold.

It was back to semi-fog today, with further disruptions to domestic flight traffic. Incidentally, if you have not checked out Maria’s site, Iceland Eyes, do! Her photographs are just drop-dead gorgeous and right now she has a fabulous shot up on her site taken one recent foggy evening. Anyway, it drizzled a whole lot today. I decided to take a hike this morning out bakery-way [although not to buy bread but to pick up some dry cleaning] and, thinking it was ‘ah, just drizzle’ didn’t bother to put on proper rain gear. And arrived home with my trousers soaked through and a slight tingly feeling in my throat. [Do I need to ask why I’m coming down with a cold? No I do not.] Temps are currently 4°C. The sun came up at 8.52 and went down again at 18.31 while I was rotating around the Kringlan Mall.