A new and alarming trend has been sweeping the Icelandic nation of late. It is this: men picking their noses in public. On a grand national scale. I kid you not.

I first noticed the odd guy doing it in his car, stopped at a red light. I’d turn and glance [as you do] and there he’d be, deeply engrossed in this rather, shall we say, intimate activity, apparently considering himself alone in the entire universe.

Soon I started noticing it everywhere – men waiting in line at the bank, sitting on benches outside, leaning against light posts, waiting for their wives at the mall. I mentioned it to EPI. ‘Oh?’ he said, and then three weeks later, ‘Hey, you’re right!’ He’s noticing it, too.

The absolute worst was last week when I went to have a soak in the Jacuzzi at the Laugardalslaug pool. There was a man. In his sixties, I’d say. Sitting talking to another man in the hot pot. Picking his nose. And when he was done picking his nose, he stuck his hand into the water to rinse it off.

Very sad to say, but I think the Icelandic population has some of the biggest boors on the planet on board. Bleh.

Harmless today. Not too much wind, not too much cold, not too much anything. Went for a brisk walk around the nearby golf course to imbibe some oxygen and had to bundle my scarf up pretty tightly [but mostly because of my neck injury which converts the equation cold combined with even a slight breeze into pain. [Why does it feel like I’m living in the wrong country today?] Pretty soon I’ll be going out at noon to tank some daylight – but let us not get ahead of ourselves on that one. Temperatures at the moment are ° [sic] according to the mbl.is website and daybreak was at 06.14, nightfall at 20.27.