Oh, f’rgodssakes! Here I had this blog post all carved out with pictures and everything – and when I go to upload the pictures in imagecave so that I can resize and post them, I get stonewalled. [cue nasal-sounding computer-generated voice]

“Your login has expired


The URL for the album you’re trying to view is incorrect. Please ask the user to get the correct album URL and try again. All album URL’s start like https://usera.imacave.com/, followed by the username.”

What. Is that supposed to help?

Blogger claims to have a new super-duper service, in which you can post pictures simply by clicking the little icon at the top of the blog post. YT gets real excited, thinking her problem solved. Tries. Little icons with X in the middle show up at the top of the blog post [not where the pics are supposed to be]. Tries again. Uploads all the pics, thinking she’ll deal with positioning later. Blogger takes forever. And ever. And ever. And finally flakes out with “The page cannot be displayed.”


Much to the distress of our YT she has decided to declare herself defeated and to seek solace in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

But just to piss off blogger and imagecave, here AT LEAST is the weather part of the blog post:

So anyway. Back to TODAY and THE WEATHER. It’s been cloudy and nothing to write home about. Some wind, temps around 10 degrees C all day and pretty unexciting, really. Incidentally, it rained buckets while we were at the cottage. Which means that YT put her Icelandicness to the test and knit half a sweater [and pretty damn proud of that I am too] and showed off her Mensa-worthy skills [hahahahaha, snort] in two lengthy games of Trivial Pursuit. Meanwhile the sun came up at 03.24 today and will set at 23.40.

For what it’s worth. Boo.