My GOD what an ordeal it was getting out of bed this morning! And what an ordeal it is to nail my butt to the office chair and start in on those assignments that I’ve been systematically pushing aside until the holidays were over. The grey matter is just NOT clicking into action today.

So. Um. Yeah.

I can always post a picture I guess. Here’s one of our Áramótabrenna [New Years Bonfire] – I have it on good authority that old Quentin Tarantino was somewhere in the throng, but the problem is that when you’re facing the fire you can’t see anybody’s face, which is kind of embarrassing when people keep saying HI! to you and you keep saying HI! back but you have no idea who you’re talking to; so old Quint probably said HI! to me several times without me knowing it and I probably said HI! back to him… jeez am I making any sense at all at all? [NO!] – anyway, here’s the picture:

Here’s me having got a little closer [read: roasting]:

Here’s one of the fireworks at Christmas [can you believe I just wrote Christmas when I meant to say midnight?], rather lame in view of the spectacle all around us but there you go…

And one of this very exciting fountain we bought and lit out in the back yard:

OK then! … Suffice it to say that a Very Good Time was had by all, replete with corks-a-poppin’, crazy dancing, unexpected guests bearing Champagne and tulips, party games, and Little Sleep. AAH and I ended the evening flaked out on the sofa, bleary-eyed after everyone had gone, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD until around 6am. Yow.Sa.

Crap-o-la. Went out for a gander around the golf course and almost got blown out to sea. Redeeming factor: not too cold. Currently 6°C and guess what? I haven’t got myself a new calendar for 2006 so cannot bring you sunrise/sunset times. Tsk. But can give you a rough approximation: 11.15 and 15.30. See? Who needs a calendar anyway.