Well, Windows XP has come sashaying into my life with all its snazz, flash and (misspent) pizzazz. YT is not impressed. In fact my acquaintance with XP has so far been a brutal disappointment.

Whereas me and ME didn’t get along famously, particularly not in the last while, we’d formed an uneasy alliance based on mutual tolerance, sort of like an old married couple that doesn’t really like each other but can’t be bothered to divorce. Whereas XP just plain pisses me off. I mean, how come all letters that are more than size 10 font, especially anything in bold, always look blurry?? Mine eyes are sore; my stomach seizes up; the whole exercise of writing requires so much exertion that I’ve got a blinding headache by the time I’ve written a single paragraph. It’s like growing old and blind in fast-forward. But I’m not going blind; it’s damn hotshot XP that can’t display the words properly!! So I peer and focus and try to ignore the fact that the whole experience is like being immersed in a magnetic field or a seriously toxic cloud. It’s making me positively ill!

If anybody out there knows of any cure for this condition, please inform YT! Because I swear I’ve tried everything – short of hurling my cherished computer out of the window.

And then there’s this annoying pop-up that appears every few seconds at the bottom. “Wireless connection unavailable”. Two seconds later: “Wireless connection available.” Two seconds later: “Wireless connection unavailable.” Two seconds later: “Wireless connection available. Signal good.” Two seconds later: “Signal very good.” Two seconds later: “Signal excellent”. ENOUGH ALREADY! I don’t give a Flying Fuck if my signal is good, bad, non-existent… just get out of my sight and let me see the words I am writing!!

This, too, I have spent hours trying to fix, initially convinced that there was Some Simple Solution – now convinced that the whole thing is built to Destroy Whatever Joy I have in life.



‘Twas an unseasonably mild and wonderful day. No wind, overcast, perfect for a run. Temps hovering between 0 and 5 Celsius. EPI and I spent the afternoon shopping for fun stuff for making our own Christmas cards, which along with our combined brood of four we will duly execute tomorrow. After which we’ll be eating hangikjöt (traditional smoked lamb … yum yum) for dinner.

Sunrise was at 10.35: sunset at 15.55.

“Your wireless connection is unavailable…” Aaarrgghh!!