YT’s efforts to educate the household members are met with blatant disregard:


Was fantastic today. Sunny spells, hardly any wind, warm [for us], meaning highs of around 14°C. Took the bike out for a spin late this afternoon to the lighthouse that sits on the end of the peninsula located about a 10 minute ride from here. There was a British film crew out there looking like they were getting ready to shoot a commercial or something, which is kind of amazing because the last time I was out there there was also a foreign film crew. In any case, it was gorgeous there as usual, the sun shimmering on the shining steel-blue water, lots of little birdies doing their spring-birdie thing, the lighthouse looking very regal out on its little spit. Daybreak was at 04.18 and nightfall at 22.37 [which is kind of misleading because when I was driving home at 11 pm there was still a light in the sky].

Thanks to SGT Jeff, who felt my pain about RP not playing Immigrant Song and deposited this little linkie in my comments box. I’m sure those kittens do it better than RP ever could have – and in any case it made my day!