Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: YT is renowned for her remarkable skills in the art of complaint. [Yes, it’s true.] Take f’rinstance the Tale of the Expired Hamburger Buns, frequently related at family gatherings and other momentous occasions. It goes something like this: YT heads out to Bónus to buy hamburgers. Is successful and returns home with the standard: four hamburger patties and four hamburger buns, all wrapped up in one package. But when the package was opened, what should our YT see? The hamburger buns were expired! And the whole caboodle was wrapped in such a way that it was impossible to notice this until the package was opened.

‘Crafty,’ thought our YT, ‘I bet they wrap them like that for that very reason: so that poor unsuspecting hamburger-buyers unwittingly purchase the expired hamburger buns, and fail to notice until they get home. By that time they’re too lazy to take them back – or worse, they don’t notice. And so whoever is responsible for this atrocity is getting rid of their expired buns by wrapping them in hamburger packages and forcing innocent people to eat stale bread.’

Now you can bet this got YT worked up something awful, so off she went, to Bónus, with the stale hamburger buns, in her new role as self-appointed crusader for the underdog-hamburger-buyers of this world. There she demanded to see the manager. Much to her surprise, the manager turned out to be around… 15. [Or maybe 22.] And was very sorry indeed. Terribly sorry about the mistake: would YT care to accompany him into the refrigerator [because Bónus invented the concept of the customer walking into a refrigerator room to get his or her purchases, which I betcha didn’t know either] and select, say, a leg of lamb of her choosing?

Now, YT was well and truly silenced by this amazing show of generosity, and graciously accepted. Off she went back home again, happy as a clam, with her leg of lamb in the passenger seat next to her. Only what does she notice when she pulls up in front of the house and happens to glance down at the label on the leg of lamb? IT EXPIRES TOMORROW! And YT was not planning to eat lamb tonight! But hamburgers!

So a very indignant YT turns the key in the ignition and drives directly back to Bónus. Finds baby-faced manager and holds the leg of lamb up for his inspection. He turns white as he sees the date on the label. It expires tomorrow! Nooooooooo……..

So what does baby-faced manager do? He sends YT not into the cooler but into the storage room at the back which was virtually overflowing with legs of lamb, and told her she could select ANY LEG OF LAMB she wanted in the whole entire store. So of course YT took the LARGEST leg of lamb she could find. And lived happily ever after.

At this very moment, there is a large empty vacuum in the living room where our big-assed TV normally is. And it’s because YT’s been complaining again. We’ve been promised priority service and top-notch care and our BATV back within 24 hours. Oh, and just yesterday I managed to get EPI a 100-dollar discount off this gadget he ordered from the US, because they kinda messed up. I’m thinking of starting my own business: YT’S COMPLAINT AND REIMBURSEMENT SERVICE. It’s got a ring, does it not?

Totally escaped me, because I was busy complaining… er, working. But it was kinda gray and a little bit windy and just a hint of a chill in the air. I think. Right now it’s 11°C. Daybreak was at 04.13 and nightfall at 22.47.