Thank you friends in Blogland for all your kind words and wishes. They really do mean a lot.

There has been no major change. Still, the imminent event seems so overwhelming and huge that just to blog about something silly and insignificant seems, well, silly and insignificant. We go about our daily business – and yet the grief has already moved in so everything is just a little harder than usual, like walking underwater. There’s a sort of fatigue that permeates everything.

It’s strange, grief. It often seems that when it comes, it triggers a whole pile of other grief that has accumulated along the way. You grieve for one person or event, and at the same time are also grieving for a lot of other people or events. Things which for whatever reasons you have not been able to grieve before, or not at such a deep level. Even old, old things. Primal things.

Icelanders are not big on grief. And they abhor sentimentality. Therefore it can be a tad difficult for some to tread that fine, thin line between denial and artifice. I suppose that is true of anyone though. Finding that emotional truth that allows you to accept all of it with dignity and grace is a grace in itself.

Appropriately enough the weather has been rather bluesy today. It’s been overcast and drizzly with a fairly strong wind. Some, like YT, might call it refreshing. Went out for a run earlier and the scents from the earth were so pungent – the grass, the birch trees, the earth. The wind was not cold at all, but friendly and invigorating. Temps are currently 14°C and the sun came up at 02.59, will go down at 24.02.