Whaddaya gonna do when you’re so burned out after a) staging a confirmation banquet, b) working like a frigging editing machine for two whole days when you should be recuperating in bed, c) going for a massage and then d) soaking in a hot tub at the local swimming pool in sunshine and the warmest temps so far this year? [I know, pity poor poor YT] When you’re so wiped out that all your mind can think is “sleeeeeeppp” yet your blogging addiction won’t let go, yet your mind is on strike, yet your fingers keep tapping away, yet you can’t think of anything clever to say?

You post a picture.

Here it is:


Now as I said, the weather today may be summed up in one word: Summer. Summer! [What a strange looking word that is, when you really consider it. It’s OK when there’s just one of it, but when you put two of them together it looks really strange. I can’t think of it as meaning summer the season; I keep thinking of the word ‘Sumner’, as in Sting’s real name, or ‘Bummer’ as in something shite happened.] [Could it be that I have ADD?] [Why is my mind jumping all over the page?] Temps went up to 14°C [that’s 57.2 if you speak Fahrenheit] which for us Ice Penguins is pretty groovy for April. Meanwhile, I got up in the middle of the night because I was hungry and it was light already at 5 am. Official daybreak: 4.40 and nightfall: 22.16. And now I best cart my butt off to bed before my fingers start blabbering something I might regret in the morning. Peace.