This afternoon – very shortly, in fact – YT will don a power suit and go spend the afternoon in the Corporate World. Some enterprising companies need advice on how to present their products on the International Stage and consider YT the perfect person to advise on such matters.

Now, power suits are not my preferred working garb, nor is the Corporate World my favourite working venue. [Velour tracksuits and my little home office are.] However – and this I have always considered very curious indeed – for some reason ample financial remuneration almost always seems to involve power suits. And performing.

Did you know that the Icelandic word for ‘goodbye’ is ‘Bless’? S’true.

Really Foggy. Totally grey. But mild! And with an absence of wind! Current temps 5 degrees Centigrade; sunrise was at 9.02 and sunset at 18.22.